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  1. This website is provided by Wednetwork¹ a trading style and division of Invernetwork Ltd, UK Limited Company Registration 313414. The registered office is 133 Fountainbridge EH3 9BA. Tel London 0207 206 8989.
  2. In this document all references to the ‘website(s)’ refer to and  and any pages contained on those sites.
  3. If you use the website(s) it is on the basis that you have agreed to abide by the conditions of use set out here.  If you do not wish to adhere to these conditions, please do not use the site.
  4. These conditions can change from time to time.  We will not provide notice of any changes so you will need to check this document before you use the web site. If you keep using the website then it is agreed between us that you have agreed to any updates to the conditions that we may make.
  5. The purpose of or  [the website(s)] is to provide information in respect of suppliers and services and other items for wedding arrangements. You are allowed to use the Website and the results of any search made on the Website only for this purpose unless specifically prohibited below and entirely at your own risk.
  6. We reserve the right to take whatever measures we consider necessary to ensure that the web site(s) are used for the purposes outlined here in accordance with our terms and conditions and for no other purpose. 
  7. The following uses of the Website are prohibited:

a.      using the Website for any purpose which is against the Law in the United Kingdom or any country or territory used to access the website(s).

b.      users are expressly prohibited to use the website(s) for anything that could be considered harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or invasive of another's privacy, or any use that is in the opinion of Wednetwork¹ unreasonable or unsuitable use.

c.       You may not use the contents of our website(s) for any commercial purpose whatsoever, other than that specifically authorised by us to you in writing.  The contents of the website(s) may not be transferred copied or used in databases or records of any kind, or used in any way or form of commercial promotion or sales marketing of any kind, without our permission in writing.

d.      Use of any technology so as to record events on the website(s).  

e.       Anything that interferes with the normal operation of the website(s).

f.       If there is any doubt in respect of any activity defined above, or, any activity you are considering using, then you are required to contact us in writing and inform us of your intentions and seek permission in writing, prior.

8.      You use the website(s) on the basis that you agree that you are aware that you access and use information you find in our directories and on the website(s) and any links or information provided there, entirely at your own risk.

a.       Wednetwork¹ strongly advises anybody using the website(s) to make sure they are satisfied with the quality, suitability, and purpose for all the goods and services which are being advertised or promoted on the website(s).  Users should also ensure that any persons or companies claiming qualifications for any service have a right to claim expertise and qualifications they refer to.

b.       Wednetwork¹ is not acting as an Agent for any supplier or Service Provider, and is not in any way recommending or endorsing any services, companies, individuals, organisations, or goods. 

c.        If you choose to use the services of, or to rely on any advice or details given to you by any third party, business, or company, that you may come into contact with as a result of registering on this web site then you do so entirely at your own risk.  

d.       Any headings or descriptions we use are just to help you find items that may interest you.    They are not to be regarded as Trade Descriptions as defined by the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

e.        If you decide to use any links found on the website to other companies or individuals, Wednetwork1 accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content or accuracy of those sites or in respect of any information provided to you by the owners or operators of those sites or in respect of any links to other web sites.

f.        Any information and offers sent to you following any request you make to Wednetwork¹ for information to be sent directly to yourself by post, email, fax or telephone, for details of certain services or suppliers for your Wedding arrangements is provided to you without any charge and Wednetwork¹ cannot accept any obligation or liability whatsoever, direct or consequential, in respect of any arrangements or purchases you enter into. 

g.        In respect of any purchases made and/or other payments in connection with Wedding arrangements, we strongly advise you to consider using a UK Credit Card to benefit from the protection we are advised is currently afforded by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. We believe this applies to all purchases over £100 and under £30,000 for Credit Cards, but is not applicable to Charge Cards that do not offer extended periods of payment..

h.       Please refer to our Privacy Statement for details of our Privacy Policy

9.       Wednetwork1 provides no guarantee or undertaking or other commitment to you in respect of anything contained or advertised or promoted, or information provided to you, whether it be by implication or otherwise, other than as required by UK Law.  Any purchases or agreements you enter into are entirely your own responsibility.

10.    Wednetwork1 will not be liable for any losses, whether personal, or in respect of business activities, whether consequential or actual alleged to have been incurred by:

                                I.           Use of the website(s) or reliance on information derived from it.

                              II.           The website(s) being unavailable for technical or any other reasons.

                           III.           Errors, omissions, virus’s or anything of similar nature.

                            IV.          Goods, products, services or information that are promoted on the Website or any claim arising from any link, information provided, or email promotion, which is provided by Wednetwork1 to any other company or person.

                              V.           Anything you receive in the form of data, emails, postal items or faxes.

                            VI.           Anything arising from information provided or sales made by telephone contact to you directly.

  1. This is the whole agreement.  If anything is judged by a UK Court to be illegal or invalid or unenforceable by Law, then that one condition shall be removed but everything else will continue to be agreed and enforceable between us.
  2. The conditions contained here are to be enforced in accordance with the laws of the UK as applicable at the address of the registered office of Invernetwork Ltd and you agree that even if you access the website(s) from outside the UK, then the jurisdiction of the UK Courts will apply .


If you have any query or question in respect of the above conditions then please contact us directly via email on:


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